Saturday, May 1, 2010

First ever Made

So, I used to be a fine artist.
Always working with multi-media, I honestly used to throw colors and pencil strokes along brush strokes to create whatever was on my mind.
However, contradicting to what I've been doing, everything changed when I came to Parsons. I mean Parsons IS a design school. Everything is highly design oriented.
As an entry fashion major student, I was assigned to make transforming body piece that changes form and its purposes, for my 3D class. I've decided to make a bag that turns into a jacket, inspired by Comme de Garcons Fall 2010 bulky jacket pieces.

This was my first time ever making a piece of clothing.
I've used to alter clothes but never used sewing machine to make from scratch.
I'm very pleased with what I've done! yeah?!

The jacket is bulkier and much more hunched back looking, but the photo doesn't show :-(


Margaret said...

WOW! miss you are so talented :O :O :O
i would so buy that

rebecca said...

That is amazing! I'd never be able to do that in a million years

Photo said...

Kitty Boy said...

that's pretty dope!are u in your first year?foundation year?or second year

Carla said...

This is amazing, I love Comme des Garcons! Congrats on getting into Parsons, by the looks of it well deserved :)
Thanks for stopping by on my blog

Anonymous said...

um hey. its sis. do you have it? cuz i would wear it