Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sisters on the Runway: Fashion Show Event


Sisters on the Runway: Fashion Show Event

On October 22, 2010 at 7PM, young talent will come together to produce a student organized runway show entitled “Sisters on the Runway.” Designs from top designers such as Vena Cava, David Dixon, Tracey Reese, among others will be presented alongside aspiring talents from Parsons, New School University designers for this special event to benefit Safe Horizon. The objective of this student run and student organized event is to raise money and awareness to fight domestic violence as well and get students to put their skills to use while getting involved in community service. Tickets are $15 general admission/$10 students and will take place at the David M Schwartz Fashion Education Center Auditorium (560 7th Avenue, 2nd Floor).

For more information, please visit

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Oh Hay! I AM BACK!

(Romper Forever 21, Cardigan Banana Republic, Skirt Brandy Melville, Shoes

So I've been completely living under the rock... at least from blogging.
I was busy with finals and I accidentally killed my Macbook so I had to replace it during the summer. I went on a trip during 4th of July to Grand Canyon and Vegas.
I've expected more from Grand Canyon but unlike others I felt that I was still on top of Grand Canyon.
However that thought changed when I saw the Grand Canyon documentary at IMAX.

By the way, a store in Santa Monica called Brandy Melville opened up during summer.
A LOT of cool and comfy outer wear. Go check them out. I got my skirt from there :-)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

My boyfriend would be...

I often find myself in a situation where guys ask personal preferences.
Something like, "What kind of style you look for in men?".
I get stuck while trying to pick the right words other than gay/retro.
I guess the perfect way to put it... I really can't find the right answer..gahh.

So it's a trend to dress really modern with tight/edgy silhouettes yet gay for Korean actors these days.
I swear foreign people might actually suggest that they might be gay.
Regardless all the objection, I however, still love all these retro looks.
This actor, is known for his natural retro looks in all his movies and dramas.
I personally think he is awesome.

I've been interning at Creative Recreation for 3 weeks now, and my co-worker Will in Developments department dresses just like that. I sometimes want to creep up to him and ask him for shoots but...haven't managed to stir up the courage to do so.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Burberry Backstage

(Via Style Sight)

It's depressing when you lose that trust you had in somebody.
I can forgive but not forget.

Monday, May 3, 2010



Saturday, May 1, 2010

First ever Made

So, I used to be a fine artist.
Always working with multi-media, I honestly used to throw colors and pencil strokes along brush strokes to create whatever was on my mind.
However, contradicting to what I've been doing, everything changed when I came to Parsons. I mean Parsons IS a design school. Everything is highly design oriented.
As an entry fashion major student, I was assigned to make transforming body piece that changes form and its purposes, for my 3D class. I've decided to make a bag that turns into a jacket, inspired by Comme de Garcons Fall 2010 bulky jacket pieces.

This was my first time ever making a piece of clothing.
I've used to alter clothes but never used sewing machine to make from scratch.
I'm very pleased with what I've done! yeah?!

The jacket is bulkier and much more hunched back looking, but the photo doesn't show :-(

Saturdway Mourning

I always think an outfit turns into something called 'high-fashion' or often known as wittingly 'stylish' when each material on clothing is perfectly fitted together. Hmmm, sort of like a sandwich or a burger where every ingredient has to have certain texture, color, flavor, and the right temperature to please the eater. So when I see a 'perfect' outfit or dress myself, it's when multiple layers of different material are combined to make an art piece. Good example would be on the below. I mean I honestly wouldn't wear these outfit... but leather+ruffles+cotton+sweater+silk = Heavenly. I love clothes that are eye-grabbing unique but still give that subtle feminine qualities.

Excuse me for rambling on. Its 6:17 in the morning.
Due to school I've only been sleeping 3 or 4 hours a day, and I ended up falling asleep at 9 on Friday. With dinner on my bed! I just woke up at 4:30 am.
I promised myself that I will update my blog very often this weekend :-)