Sunday, July 11, 2010

My boyfriend would be...

I often find myself in a situation where guys ask personal preferences.
Something like, "What kind of style you look for in men?".
I get stuck while trying to pick the right words other than gay/retro.
I guess the perfect way to put it... I really can't find the right answer..gahh.

So it's a trend to dress really modern with tight/edgy silhouettes yet gay for Korean actors these days.
I swear foreign people might actually suggest that they might be gay.
Regardless all the objection, I however, still love all these retro looks.
This actor, is known for his natural retro looks in all his movies and dramas.
I personally think he is awesome.

I've been interning at Creative Recreation for 3 weeks now, and my co-worker Will in Developments department dresses just like that. I sometimes want to creep up to him and ask him for shoots but...haven't managed to stir up the courage to do so.

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